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We believe you should know the risks of the events you attend, whether for business or leisure. As it stands now any concert, game or conference you attend you will not be able to get a data driven terror threat analysis. This is wrong and we aim to correct it.

Terror Threat Analytics®

Why High Order Analytics?

Because there is NEVER a ZERO attack probability, NEVER.

NO, You cannot get a terror threat report!

Law enforcement resources are limited, they cannot always focus on everything. To their credit these brave men and women are doing more with less and should be commended. There are just not enough specialized staff in enough locations, with enough eyes on to cover this ever-increasing threat. That’s WHY!

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This is the actual threat report for the "Unite the Right" event in Charlottesville, VA on August 11th 2017.

YES, you NEED a Terror Threat

It has been our experience that leadership at various levels of government as well as private organizations are under the impression that they have this under control based on their security staffs' affiliations with federal, state or local law enforcement and/or intelligence agencies. "YOU DO NOT". Jurisdictional, Bureaucratic and Budgetary constraints ensure it.

Chief George Turner Ret.

"There is no application currently available, that does what T.T.A.® does. It's necessary!"

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